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“I called this morning. They saw me this morning! This is my first time seeing Dr. Malalis, she was available today. It was a pleasure to see her.”
– Eric Klein 6/8/17

“Consistently outstanding medical care from doctors, techs and front office staff. I come here from Howard County. Definitely worth the drive. Thank you!!”
– Julie Rosenthal 2/27/17

“Everything terrific. Especially friendly Dr. and Staff. (Dr. Heltzer) Knowledgeable, took plenty of time with me. Toby and Janice were super as was LaShonn.”
– Cathy Car 2/13/17

“Janice helped us with a prescription recheck she was awesome! Very patient and explained what she was doing. We took up more of her time than expected. We appreciated her kindness.”
– Marcus and Patricia Monteith 1/24/17

“Thank you for fitting me into your busy schedule at the last minute. I was seen first by Janice who explained with clarity and patience certain aspects of my condition, information which was helpful and reassuring. Dr. Chaudhary never showed how tightly scheduled he was and explained the results of his examination with clarity and reassurance. He also was very observant of me as a person and noted my hand arthritis as an avenue of medical treatment which should be brought up with my primary care physician. This condition may impact my eye health.”
– Elizabeth Drachman 1/3/17

“You Guys ROCK! Everyone is consistently friendly and knowledgeable and it’s a pleasure to come to your office.”
-Audri Corrigan 11/3/16

“Everyone was very nice and Toby did an excellent job.”
– Charles La Barge 11/21/16

“Great visit again-very efficient team;state of the art ophthalmology practice. Would send my patients here for eye care!”
– Dr. M. Magee 10/26/16

“I couldn’t ask for better care. They treat me like I am their only patient and deliver the most amazing service.”
– Leslie Keith 9/22/16

“Tech was excellent. Improved my prescription which has been difficult to do (Jorge) Dr. Chaudhary was very efficient and helpful.”
– Wendy Williams 9/28/16

“This is the BEST STAFF and Dr. Heltzer is GREAT!! Thank you all for the joyous time that you spent with me. I love you all!”
– Michael Miller 6/29/16

“Outstanding staff, super friendly and efficient. On time service very much appreciated. Top Doctor-very friendly and kind(Dr. Heltzer). What more could you ask for!”
– Alison Seiler 8/4/16

“Great as ever!! Good group of girls at the front! Mary is great!”
– Penope Bowdren 6/2/16

“Dr. Chaudhary is very professional and very personal. He explained everything related to my surgery and vision very clearly (no pun intended)!”
– Judi Goozh 3/30/16

“I very much appreciate the time and care provided by the entire staff. Jorge was especially helpful!”
– Aron Trombka 2/25/16

“Dr. Chaudhary is everything I could ask for as an eye surgeon. He is superb. I would say exactly the same about Dr. Heltzer!”
– Mary Lou Jones 12/14/15

“Always a good experience. Dr. H is terrific!”
– V Mollet 12/17/15

“It was a great day today. You are all great, feelings of security and safety and professionalism demonstrated. Thank you for the care you’ve given.”
– JMC 12/16/15

“Great doctor. Wonderful news. Would never make appointment with another optometrist.”
– Seena King 11/17/15

“Excellent experience with first visit. Dr. Chaudhary was patient and extremely informative.”
– Brenda Kramer 11/12/15

“Great technician Jorge!”
– Helen S 11/10/15

“The staff technician was professional and sensitive to patient’s comfort and explained fully the analysis being executed. The physician provided feedback based on his examination. The front office was very helpful in meeting our needs in scheduling future appointments. Overall a very pleasant experience given the seriousness of my condition.”
– James McManaman 10/31/15

“Wonderful! This is a friendly office and Dr. Chaudhary is a saint! He is efficient yet warm and caring!”
– Anita O’Leary 10/26/15

“Wonderful! Had an emergency visit and was treated quickly. Problem solved!”
– Ann Bryan 10/27/15

“I found the visit to be very efficient and professional. All the staff are very pleasant and qualified. Its a pleasure being here.”
– Gretchen J 10/23/15

“Dr. Chaudhary was great. I am a Dr. Heltzer patient normally and I saw Dr. C due to a scheduling issue. Nice to know both docs are terrific. I am also a huge fan of Mary. She’s the best!”
– Deanna Troust 10/20/15

“Outstanding service. Thank you Mary and Dr. H. Best eye practice in metro area!”
– Frank Malickson 9/30/15

“Great. Short Wait. Staff prompt, helpful, and professional.”
– CG Roa 9/30/15

“Wonderful! Rochelle [technician] was terrific!”
– Myra K 9/9/15

“Excellent results. Friendly competent staff. Excellent advice and directive.”
– DT O’Brien 9/4/15

“I find everyone in this office including Dr. Chaudhary to be very pleasant, competent, and effective!”
– Lovida Coleman Jr. 8/28/15

“Excellent. No complaints! Staff was courteous and professional.”
– Victoria Boyer 8/28/15

“I chose this practice because of Dr. Heltzer’s Washington Top Doctor designation (several years from what I understand). He did not disappoint. He has an excellent demeanor that immediately put me at ease. I would recommend him without hesitation. I would also highly recommend the entire staff at Champlain Ophthalmology.”
– Aisha Fallen 8/20/15

“Very efficient and kind front office staff. Dr. Chaudhary calmed my fear. Great practice.”
– Geraldine Singer 8/10/15

“Was seen right away, arrived early and all staff was pleasant and helpful.”
– Deb Y 7/30/15

“Great. All went well and all staff were competent and nice.”
– Stanley Smigel 7/22/15

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else! For years and years I have received the best treatment here. It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Chaudhary. He was extremely thorough and knowledgeable.”
– Elizabeth Grossman 7/3/15

“Everything was great!”
– Michael Dalton 6/26/15

“Toby is a wonderful asset to this practice- friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. And Dr. Chaudhary is always terrific.”
– Helen Leneman 6/25/15

“Dr. Chaudhary is wonderful. Very patient and clear on our objectives. The office staff is fantastic. A special mention about LaShonn: The perfect person on the phone. We truly believe she is very caring about her patients. Every doctor’s office needs a LaShonn. Love her!”
– Chun Il Marquez 6/24/15

“Made an “emergency” appointment because of a foreign object in my eye. I was seen promptly and he got the “fleck” out quickly!”
– Andrea 6/12/15

“[Dr. Heltzer] was amazing in all respects, as usual. Everyone always acts if they “really really” care about you from the doctor to the receptionist! Thank you!”
– Barb Gordon 5/20/15

“Excellent in every way. Vision GREATLY improved!”
– Marilyn Fliegler 5/20/15

“Very good visit- informative and helpful.”
– Carl Seils May 2015

“Perfect, good, wonderful!!! Nice, cool, awesome, careful, kind!”
– Dorothy Burgess 5/6/15

“Dear Dr. Chaudhary, Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to review the Lumosity games with me. I appreciated your suggestions about how I could best play the “vision” games.”
– JS 5/1/15

“Love the staff always warm and welcoming. They are thorough and helpful making patients feel comfortable.”
– Lola Crawford 4/30/15

“To Dr. Heltzer: For a FIVE-STAR two eye cataract job.”
– Joe Rosen 4/29/15

“Dr. Heltzer has been my eye doctor for many years and I won’t see anyone else.”
– Supara Maphungphong 4/13/15

“Friendly staff. Professional.”
– Jessica 3/26/15

“Friendly, competent, thorough. All of the staff answered my questions. I would definitely recommend anyone to use this office.”
– Ron Tamblyn 3/18/15

“Excellent. [Mary] who did testing was excellent- pleasant and provided education. Will recommend this office to others!”
– Nancy Krause 3/16/15

“Effective and constructive and pleasant!”
– Mohammad Moussaui 3/16/15

“Excellent treatment!”
– Esther Udit 3/9/15

“Awesome! Professionals all the way around!!!”
– Kathy E 2/18/15

“As always, wonderful visit! I can’t keep the extra office cards in my wallet from the recommendations I’ve given.”
– Andrew Taylor 2/13/15

“A very good first time visit experience!!! He is very knowledgeable. Dr. Heltzer took time answering questions and gave warm care to a new patient. Will recommend him to others for sure.”
– Champroen Tansomboon 2/5/15

“Great experience. Both tech and Dr. [Chaudhary] were pleasant. Knowledgeable and helpful. Front desk staff pleasant and helpful.”
– Susan Stinson 1/30/15

“Very glad to come back. You treated me well.”
– Carl Berninger 1/28/15

“My doc, who’s just a bit jocular
Is a whiz at everything ocular.
With concern and precision
He cares for my vision
And his surgical skill is spectocular.”

– Beila Organic 1/21/15

“All of my appointments have been handled in a very courteous professional manner. Dr. Heltzer and his team are competent and are a great combination.”
– K Turner 12/24/14

“Mary was personable, efficient, and proficient. Reception was responsive and timely. Dr. Chaudhary is communicative and effective.”
– Lovida Coleman Jr. 12/17/14

“I have been a patient in this practice for 14 years and it has only gotten better. Dr. Heltzer and staff are very capable and gracious. Of all my many doctors appointments, I actually look forward to this one!”
– Mary Anne Hakes 12/15/14

“A great experience from start to finish. Toby did my eye exam. She was so friendly and put me at ease, which made the “option 1 or option 2″ part of the exam so much easier for me. Dr. Chaudhary answered my questions thoroughly and patiently and explained my options for glasses and the pros and cons of each option well. I did not have a long wait either, which was a plus. I will recommend this practice to all my friends.”
– Janet McNaughton 12/10/14

“Dr. Heltzer is amazing. I have been coming here years. The staff is wonderful!!! Always cheerful and in a good mood.”
– Dorothy Burgess 12/5/14

“Most professional and patient oriented practice I have used. Takes time to explain, punctual, friendly, and responds to questions. Dr. Heltzer followed up to answer my questions about treatment and what to expect, took time during follow-up visits. Great experience! Certainly would recommend and use again.”
– George Schreiber 12/3/14

“Wonderful service!”
– Lance Pursner 11/21/14

“It was very informative and comforting.”
– Joseph A 11/5/14

“Prompt and good feedback. Useful discussion of options. Took time to answer questions.”
– John Shockey 11/3/14

“Great! Rochelle (technician) was very helpful and nice.”
– Jane Engle 10/23/14

“My first visit to this office/doctor was an excellent experience. The friendliness of the staff was evident from my first phone call to scheduling my next appointment. The tech who first took my history [Rochelle] was thorough, sensitive, intelligent, and kind. Dr. Chaudhary was equally kind and knowledgeable. He answered every question without hesitation or rushing. I will absolutely recommend him to others.”
– Anonymous 10/15/14

“GREAT! Chan-mi – thorough, most pleasant, fun. Dr. Chaudhary – great, responsive. Receptionist terrific”
– Anonymous 10/14/14

“First visit. Very pleased. My former doctor closed his practice. This was a very good visit and I will make this my regular practice.”
– Robert Batwinis 10/6/14

“This office is consistently efficient and positive. From check in to departure, all staff were thorough, patient, and cheerful. Thank you! Dr. Heltzer is very thorough and good at explaining.”
– C Bergesen 10/3/14

“Awesome! Everyone was friendly and polite.”
– Joy Blakeney 9/26/14

“David was very professional and helpful to me being a first time customer with no experience about ‘wearing glasses’. He guided me answered my questions about the best selection. I am very pleased with my choice and my life is different with my new look!!”
– B Esibe 9/22/14

“Great and helpful. Dr. Heltzer takes the time to consult with patients. He is very compassionate with utmost politeness. Outstanding competence. He saved my sight.”
– Danielle Benjamin 9/12/14

“Excellent! Everything was wonderful.”
– Cyrus and Nilza Baratt 9/12/14

“I can see clearly now! From evaluation to postop visits, everything went seamlessly. Highly recommend!”
– Anonymous 9/12/14

“Great service. Very friendly staff. All easy to talk to.”
– Bridget Esibe 9/8/14

“A great experience overall. I can see again!”
– Bette Aschaffenburg 9/3/14

“Great. Effective analysis. Nice manner.”
– Joyce Stern 8/11/14

“Dr. C was thorough, helpful, and knowledgeable. I had a very positive experience.”
– Eileen Bernstein 7/30/14

“Dr. Heltzer was very thorough, extremely kind, and efficient! When I saw Rochelle, she was equally thoroughly kind and very efficient.”
– Cecelia Woodard 7/29/14

“I received excellent professional attention by the staff and Dr. Heltzer. I was impressed by their courtesy and willingness to answer all my questions and concerns. I felt they were truly invested in my care and successful outcome.”
– Philip Schwartz 7/9/14

“Came in on an emergency basis today. Staff was friendly and accommodating. My medical issue was addressed professionally by the doctor [Chaudhary].”
– Gwen Mitchell 7/9/14

“Great! Like Dr. Chaudhary.”
– V. Wolf 7/9/14

“Very thorough.”
– Karen Balamaci 6/20/14

“Appreciate being seen when I was an hour late.”
– Tamar Leiberman 6/19/14

“Great job.”
– Robert Patchen 6/19/14

“Terrific. Prompt, thorough, and friendly (Doctor [Heltzer] and assistant).”
– Anonymous 6/16/14

“I think the entire staff is wonderful as is Dr. Chaudhary.”
– P. A. Mulcahy 5/8/14

“Very good. Enjoyed meeting Dr. Chaudhary.”
– Keith Woodard 4/20/14

“Excellent, friendly, professional.”
– F. Tom Claxton 3/24/14

“Dr. Heltzer saw me on an emergency basis in response to a request from Dr. Stephens. I am very pleased with the exam and especially with the time Dr. Heltzer took to answer my questions and explain the issues and risks associated with cataract surgery.”
– Richard Zorn 3/4/14

“Excellent. Go to the head of the class.”
– Joseph and Esther Udit 2/24/14

“Most friendly and efficient group I’ve seen. No pun intended. Very flexible scheduling.”
– Kevin Simmons 2/24/14

“Pleasant, thorough! Assistant Toby was a delight and very informative.”
– Jill Karpt 2/24/14

“Dear Mr. Pelipeksy, I am writing to both commend and compliment you and Potomac Vision Care on your outstanding knowledge and your infinite patience with your patients. As a new eye glasses patient, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Your high level of skill became immediately apparent in my first visit with you and your dedication to perfection is superb. Your willingness to make multiple adjustments to both lenses and frames made the process far easier than I expected, your patience and skill are absolutely excellent and very consistent. With very many thanks.”
– Curtis Levinson 2/5/14

“Excellent! Thorough and friendly.”
– Tiff Carroll 2/5/14

– Merrily Powell 2/5/14

“Very pleased.”
– John C. Williams 1/15/14

“Very knowledgable! Great bedside manner :)”
– Alissa Liburkin 1/8/14

“Very kind. Thorough.”
– Kathy Cutler 1/6/14

“We always appreciate the excellent service and care we receive in Dr. Heltzer’s office. Every aspect is a pleasure. You are the best. Happy New Year!”
– Camacho family 1/6/14

“Dr. Heltzer is an excellent doctor. I trust his opinion and treatment plans totally. I highly recommend him.”
– Marian Levine 1/2/14

“Great! Dr. Heltzer is a rare gem of professionalism and caring. How grateful I am to be his patient.”
– Lenore Salzman 12/26/13

“Wonderful medical care. Julie is helpful.”
– Carl Berninger and Liz Rahdert 12/5/13