All about Canaloplasty

Canaloplasty is an advanced treatment for glaucoma, helping to reduce intraocular pressure and dependence on medications.

Glaucoma is called the sneak thief of sight.  Many people don’t realize they have it.  This disease is the second leading cause of blindness.  There is no cure for glaucoma.

If you or a loved one has glaucoma, it can be frightening.  But don’t worry, there are solutions. With advanced technology, glaucoma can be effectively and safely treated.  Although current treatments won’t help you regain lost vision, they can stop it from getting worse.

Aqueous humor is a clear fluid that fills the front of your eye.  It is important in helping to keep the eye healthy.  Also, the aqueous fluid provides pressure to maintain the shape of the eye, like the air in a balloon.  This pressure is called intraocular pressure or IOP.

In a  healthy eye, the aqueous fluid flows in and out of the natural drainage system.  With most types of glaucoma, this system does not work properly.  The fluid inside of the eye cannot drain adequately.  As a result, the pressure or IOP inside the eye increases.  This pressure affects the optic nerve, resulting in vision loss.

The first sign of glaucoma is usually losing your side or peripheral vision.  To stop further vision loss, it is critical to lower your IOP.

Vision loss can have a very serious impact on quality of life. Many people with glaucoma cannot safely drive a car, see their grandkids in a school play, or go sightseeing during their vacation.

By seeing your eye doctor, you have taken the right steps to treat and control your glaucoma.  You and your doctor will discuss which treatment is best for your eyes.

Now, there is an advanced procedure to treat your glaucoma called Canaloplasty.  This advanced treatment has been proven effective and safe.

Canaloplasty has helped many glaucoma patients reduce their IOP and dependence on medications. And unlike traditional procedures, it has fewer complications and follow-up visits.

Canaloplasty uses breakthrough microcatheter technology to enlarge your eye’s natural drainage system, similar to angioplasty.  It is the next step in evolution of glaucoma surgery and is less invasive than some surgical treatments.

First, your doctor will make a small incision in the eye.  The advanced Canaloplasty microcatheter will be inserted into the eye’s drainage system canal.

Using the microcatheter, your doctor will circle the canal and enlarge it, which will help the aqueous fluid drain properly.  The microcatheter is then removed and a suture is placed within the canal to keep it open.

By restoring your eye’s natural drainage system, the pressure inside your eye is usually lowered.

  • Do you have open-angle glaucoma?
  • Do you find using your drops inconvenient, difficult, or costly?
  • Have your medications stopped working?
  • Are you reluctant to have more invasive glaucoma surgery?

If you answered yes, Canaloplasty may be right for you.  This advanced treatment option has been proven to provide patients with reduced dependence on medications.  More importantly, the pressure inside your eye may be lowered and your glaucoma brought under control.

  • Restorative treatment of eye’s natural drainage system
  • Sustained reduction of pressure in the eye
  • Reduced dependence on expensive medication
    less invasive for quicker recovery and return to daily activities
  • Less risk of complications versus traditional surgical alternatives
  • No limitations on your favorite activities

Contact us today and see if and how Canaloplasty can help.

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